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Meet Taylor: The RT Tutor

Taking the NCTRC exam, paired with walking across the stage to receive your degree, is often the pinnacle of an RT student’s educational career. Seeing the final screen flash up that you PASSED is so gratifying. The first several months after you’ll find every excuse to write your full name followed by those four amazing letters C-T-R-S. 

The RT Tutor developed organically from a mentee of mine reaching out in one summer in 2018 after failing their first attempt at an exam. This student was devastated and highly considered walking away from the field because of it. After meeting with this student, I knew immediately their passion for the field and serving their patients was palpable. I quickly realized the utter loss our field would have without this person’s engagement and influence. During our conversation, I remember blurting out “I’ll tutor you.”

Since then, my style has remained the same even as my techniques have become more sophisticated. I meet every student where they are and we co-develop a plan from that point. I follow the APIED process and specialize in getting to know each and every tutee I work with. No matter if the student is a recent grad or 10 years post-graduation. From Virginia to California, Texas to Canada- location is no barrier. I have entry-level therapists and those with 15-year tenures. I’ve worked with students from every school with an RT program (undergraduate and graduate) and have found that, regardless of preparation, there are consistent areas students tend to find difficulty in conceptualizing the concepts. 

As any good therapist would do, I focus on my tutee’s strengths while creating unique, personalized lessons for each student to help them better digest the exam content. We use real-world examples to help the information stick. I use a combination of re-teaching concepts, drilling, mock questions, and exam techniques to help my tutees feel empowered and confident to take the exam. I specialize in working with individuals who have experience testing anxiety, are neurodivergent or have failed the exam more than once. 

I offer a free 20-minute consultation for students and career professionals alike looking to take the next step in their professional career by passing the exam. I also provide individualized career coaching. I’d love to hear from you and I wish you luck in your efforts!

I’ll be back soon with blog covering exam tips for the NCTRC exam. Until then, happy studying!

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